Neat well established suburban site. Pumps on average 57,000 liter per month. Shop sales on average R120,000 per month Net profit of R41,428 per month. This is the ideal entry level site.  Selling for R1,500,000

This is an older site but showing a good return on investment. It is privately owned and no oiul mcompany approval is required. The land lord will enter into a 5+5 year lease. Pumping on average 236,319 liters per month and with shop sales of R99,4

CALTEX SITE LOCATED ON A CROSSING IN SUBURB.  Average liter sales: 147,000 Shop Sales R231,000 Phone Cards R60,000 Average monthly net profit R72,942   Selling for R2,700,000

Well established BP site located in residential area next to busy shopping complex with Pick n Pay as anchor tenant.   Average petrol sales per month: 326,000 Monthly shop sales: R195,000 Net monthly profit before tax: R149,000 Selling Pric