If you are looking at buying or starting a new business, a professional Business Plan is vital. Although we can make no guarantee as to the outcome of the intended use of the Business Plan, we can guarantee you a professionally compiled and written plan.


Business plans talk to various parties;

  • Yourself/Entity - to be sure that this venture can work for you.
  • The relevant Oil Company/Franchisor  – and to ensure you are the right person to operate under their brand banner, the site will be well run, and the ensure this is a sustainable option for them, and will uplift the Brand.
  • The Bank – if you require funding to be sure you will be able to repay the loan, and that you are a good risk going forward.  You will need to be successful.
  • Department of Energy/Licencing authority – to make sure they can issue a licence to a competent entity, who is likely to run an efficient operation, legally, safely and ethically, and in compliance to the relevant legislation.


One has to understand the value and purpose of creating a Business Plan when faced with the daunting prospect of heading out to create your plan.

  • Identify why you see this particular Business as a great opportunity for you, and then to convey that to the relevant interested parties.
  • Details how you can best capitalise on this opportunity, and improve the business.
  • Examine the finances as they stand, project them going forward based on your financial situation/funding proposal, understand the susceptibility of the business to uncontrollable and controllable variances/conditions in this industry, and quantify the long term effects. Also to ensure you have looked at the results, and have examined the anticipated outcome.
  • Know what the net present value of your projected results are, and have examined the results to ensure this is a worthwhile venture for you.
  • Identify the current people capital and potential new people capital, and their contribution to the entity going forward. Experience, expertise and ability are essential.
  • And then ensure you have thought through how to fund your venture adequately.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the sector you are planning to enter.
  • Detail how you are going to achieve your vision in point form, and then create a plan that you can use as reference to measure performance against in the future.

We have hands on experience in operating and owning a Fuel Station, auditing financial information, working for a large JSE listed company, running retail, wholesale and a manufacturing businesses, and are dealing with ideas and concepts to enhance your Business/Fuel station on a daily basis.  We have a pool of knowledge which we use to suggest new ideas to you in your plan, and are familiar with the presentation required to take an in depth look at your proposed venture.

Let us use this to help you.

We will produce a comprehensive document, normally in excess of 25 pages (but modelled on what your requirements are), specifically aimed at what you want to achieve, with your input added to ours, for you to present to the interested parties.


Terms and conditions:  The payment of the fee is upfront.